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Even the best conditioning, the best form and the best instincts can’t stop injuries from occurring on the playing field. All it takes is a foot planted wrong or an overexertion and suddenly, you feel pain and lose mobility. Even the best athletes can be instantly sidelined by injury.

Specific Injury Rehab

From knee and leg injuries, to back and neck injuries, our sports rehab clinic in Kennewick, WA provides specific, tailored rehabilitation services depending on what part of your body is affected. Even the nature of the injury can change how it’s approached, which is why we take the time to thoroughly understand our patients’ needs.

Back to Activity Guidelines

Even if you’re feeling strong and capable of performing again, that doesn’t mean you should. We work with athletes to provide specific back to activity guidelines that lower the risk of reinjury and help you move through the final phases of recovery.

Myofascial Release Therapy

Through stimulation of soft tissue, we help release tension, soothe pain and generate blood flow to affected areas of the body. Myofascial release is important for supporting proper healing and can reduce the soreness and stiffness associated with recovery.

Injury Prevention Exercises

Whether you’re coming off of a major injury or just want to mitigate your chances of suffering one, we can show you the exercises that strengthen your muscles and increase your range of motion. By targeted at-risk areas of your body depending on your sport, we’ll help you better protect yourself out on the field.

Sports Specific Assessment

Want to perform better and reach your fullest potential while playing your sport? Let us help you identify areas of your body that may benefit from strengthening, conditioning or general range of motion improvements. We’ll help you enhance your physiology through natural, targeted improvements.
At Chiropractic + Recovery Lab, we’re dedicated to helping you overcome your injury, heal properly and perform optimally. We specialize in sports rehabilitation in Kennewick, WA, tailored around each individual athlete and their injury. We take the time to assess the nature of your injury, determine the right approach to treatment, administer the right rehab and help you set recovery goals.

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Injuries are devastating, but even more harmful is not recovering from them properly. If you’re coming off an injury or want to help protect your body against the rigors of athletics, reach out to Chiropractic + Recovery Lab today at 509-312-0351 to consult with our team.

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