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At Chiropractic + Recovery Lab, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain your athletic prowess! Using chiropractic and physical therapy, we help you with things like movement, control, training, posture and more, to lower your risk of injury and help you recover faster if you’ve been sidelined. Whatever your goals, we can help keep you on the path to achieve them.

REGARDLESS of what sport you play or what physical condition you’re in, we’re dedicated to helping you reach your peak potential.

“If You Have a Body, You’re an Athlete!”

Every athlete—no matter what sport they play—puts their body through rigorous demands. And while proper training and conditioning go a long way towards preventing them, injuries can still happen. When they do, it’s crucial to stop and get the sports injury rehabilitation in Kennewick, WA you need to recover right.

At Chiropractic + Recovery Lab, we’re committed to making sure athletes get the individualized care they need to overcome injury. More than that, we believe sports rehabilitation in Kennewick, WA goes beyond just overcoming injury—when approached properly, it can also help athletes reach their next echelon of goals. Whether you’re coming off a nagging injury like plantar fasciitis or just getting back on your feet after an ACL tear, we’re prepared to provide a complete range of targeted recovery services: everything from general physical therapy to orthopedic rehab in Kennewick, WA. Our scope of abilities includes:

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As a chiropractor in Kennewick, WA first and foremost, we understand the duress the body goes through during athletics. We pay close attention to the spine and take a holistic approach to recovery: one that considers more than just your injury, but also your body’s tendencies to support itself while it’s injured. Our approach to recovery is one that’s built around your body and completely individualized to help you bounce back better, faster and stronger.If you’re looking for physical therapy in Kennewick, WA that helps you pick up where you left off before injury and push forward towards even higher goals, reach out to Chiropractic + Recovery Lab. We’re ready to help you overcome injury, replenish your body, strengthen your resolve and achieve new levels of excellence.

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  • We not only understand what it takes to train like an athlete, we understand what it takes to maintain one! We’re athlete-focused, helping you stay active and healthy.
  • Using a combination of chiropractic adjustments, movement-based rehab therapies and advanced therapeutic modalities, we take a holistic approach to your physical health.
  • Our approach is always patient-centric and we take into account the specific, unique physical elements of your body to help you train, heal and perform.
  • We’re big on goal-setting. Tell us what your goals are and we’ll help you set milestones to achieve and surpass them!

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Ready to perform at peak levels, with a body that’s conditioned to help you succeed? Consult with us about how to achieve and maintain physical wellness through a tailored approach.

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